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Explosive lifts

I’ve just started using explosive lifts (DB snatch, snatch pull, explosive squats) in my training. I love it and can see the benefits of this kind of training in its transfer to sport performance. My question is - other than marathon running and slow endurance sports would explosive lifting be beneficial to almost every sport - football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, boxing, etc. Isn’t this the type of training Strength & Conditioning coaches should be using when training athletes?

If you look at any top level strength and conditioning program for just about any sport and you will see an abundance of explosive lifting. So, the answer is yes, the transfer of explosive lifting to sports is quite high and a good S&C program should be structured to support this kind of lifting.

When I played football we use to do hang cleans and dead lifts. They definitly helped transfer onto the field. I think power cleans might actually be better for football, especially line-men. Power cleans start by bringing the weight off the floor and then up to your chest. Line-men have to come out of the 3-point stance and come up to through a block or drop back into pass blocking.

Explosive lifts basically refering to olympic lifts and their derivatives have a number of benefits including increased flexibility,starting strenght explosive strength, intramuscualr coordination and increasec kinesthetic sense. Speed squats have also been very successful with my athletes when training for increased explosiveness.

Coach Hale

It’s FASTER HIGHER STRONGER not SLOWER LOWER WEAKER. I can’t think of any time where you would want to be slow in a sport. Relaxed maybe, but not slow.

Explosive training is best for athletes that need strength and power. I love doing these types of movements. Why don’t more coaches train their athletes with this type of conditioning? Some are ignorant and think they are bad for your back, others don’t know proper form and don’t want to cause injury, the list can go on.

hmmm we have gymnastics, any kind of climbing… water sports are a whole nother subject entirely.

Without question lifting to enhance explosiveness should be emphasized. However what you are finding now is such a radical problem in young coaches learning the lifts properly, understanding the goals and how to relate it sport specific training. In faith, Coach Davies

a great deal of coaches also promote training programs that their coaches has them perform when they were in high school. I know a few coaches that would not have any idea how to incorporate O lifts into their training. I think Renegade Training has helped expose coaches to the benefits of o lifts and their variants. coach Davies should be applauded for his effort to educate coaches on these methods. Coach brings in the full spectrum of athletic preparation which is lacking in most coaches regimens.

Thank You
Coach Hale

I agree with Coach Hale. It has been the writings of Coach Davies that has enlightened us on Olympic lifts and their deriviatives. Once an athlete trains this way they should instinctively understand the benefit of these exercises. What sets Coach Davies apart from the rest of us is his understanding of where/how to incorporate these lifts for improved sport performance. Thanks Coach.