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Explosive-Endurance Routine


so it comes out i didnt make the fucking team in college for rugby so im going to sitting in the bench im giving it my all in the weight room (im doing the cube) but i thinks its because i dont have the endurance or the power so i guess im going to have to train those hard as hell, anyone could recommend me a good explosive-endurance routine?
also do you think training on the days that im not powerlifting could hurt my strength gains?
hope anyone can help me thanks!


I have played rugby quite a lot, it requires many different physical attributes.
First off, strength is key. I’ll assume you have that covered fairly well, so the next thing is speed. Plyometrics are great, try stair/box jumps for something like 6x4 superset with squats or separately when relatively fresh.

You will also need to sprint; I would have one day a week of speed work (build up to around 4-6 flat-out sprints of 10-40 metres, finish with one-on-one tag or skills), and also a speed endurance/conditioning session (start with 50m/half pitch sprints with walk back recovery between reps, 3x5 with 3min. between sets).

Depending on how bad your fitness is, some extra running could be added after team training, just something moderate like 5 sets of twice the length of the pitch, 1min. between sets.
Max. speed and plyometrics sessions should be performed when fresh, but other fitness work should be after lifting on the same day.
Remember that skills come first when it comes to selection, keep working on it all.


If you have access to a prowler (or even a car to push while it’s in neutral), that is what I think will help conditioning best, especially if you’re a forward. Alternate heavy weights and push it for shorter distances for slower speed (to help with rucking/mauling) and lighter weights for longer distances and a faster speed. This won’t help with anything specific to rugby, but will make your cardio skyrocket and make running seem like cake.


im a center
do you think this training could hurt my strentgh?
how should i work my box jumps?


Gonna have to go with juggernaut here and hit some sprints 2 times a week before lower body lifts some box jumps worked in, do something for anaerobic endurance also after lifting. And hit your dynamic work hard, shorter rests as lilly suggests and maybe using lighter weights but more ballistically on some of your higher rep assistance


I would not say to ruin your strength training by shortening rest periods until its nearly Crossfit. Keep rest long for heavy or explosive work, and certainly don’t use any less weight!
This to me is as insane as the recommendation to use light weights when losing fat - you are already leaning towards catabolic, so why take away the ONLY stimulus for muscle growth/strength? It’s insensible.

Keep strength as a priority and it will not suffer, particularly if you eat enough. (Oh, and don’t try to keep carbs down when you’re playing rugby… You will die on the pitch - carbohydrate fuels sprinting etc., so eat some)


rotate through these…