Explosive Eccentric and Dead Drops

Is dead drop movements (ex: dead bench press on the rack etc.) means “explosive eccentric contraction” or any differance between this systems?

Sorry For My Bad English :slight_smile:

i think you have a few things mixed up. i think you mean concentric instead of eccentric. the eccentric part of the lift would be lockout to chest and the concentric would be chest to lock out.

deadstop movements and explosive concentric movements overlap but without a little more information on your question i’m not sure i can help any more.

no i think he literally means just dropping the bar to your chest and pressing it back up explosively and pin presses

ive seen people do it and some people can do it fine. ive done it myself and i got extreme elbow and shoulder pain. pin presses are hard on the joints as well and as i said some people do it fine, i get fucked up eblows.

eccentric portion of the lift is important too, i think it is important not to neglect it.