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Explosive Deadlifts

Hi there…

I have been working on deadlifts lately and am looking for some advice on creating a more explosive lift.

I find that the heavier I go, the more I rely on my back and I’m sure that isn’t a good thing.

I have found that I’m stronger with a “normal” stance (not a sumo stance) and I can move the weight faster that way. This probably signifies a weakness in the legs?

I current do a lot of rack pulls, and have started using steps to lower it a little; the bottom rung on the power rack we have at my gym only goes to below the knee and one step seems to get me in the upper-mid shin area. I also do deadlifts a couple of times a week; normally warming up with some lighter weight for reps then moving up to 1rep deads… I continue to do 1 rep deads until I’m exhausted. Anyway, I’m looking for more speed and also some advice on keeping my ass down as I find that allows me to recruit more legs in the movement and also keep my back in proper form for the lift.

Thanks ahead of time…