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Explosive Carryover


Does one explosive activity carryover to another?

i.e., does a power clean build a power jerk? I know that oly lifts and the odd variations like stiff-legged cleans or knee cleans are supposed to build jumping power, but if you were to get a 400lb power clean, would you be able to jerk something like 315 once you learned technique? Likewise, if you could jump onto a 60" box, could you C&J a shitload of weight even though you haven't trained it?


Powerful legs will certainly help. I.e. if you have a good power clean your power jerk should improve with it. Having a 400lb power clean (insane btw) would translate to a 315 power jerk if your technique isn't completely shit. As for having a good c&j WITHOUT training it because you can jump 60" i'm not so sure.

A good v jump indicates powerful legs/hips but it is a very explosive movement with little loading whilst a c&j has a lot of weight and technique involved. It would definitely point towards that person having the capacity to lift a lot with training though.