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Explosive cable pulls


As I see you advocate so much the use of explosive barbell pulls (high pulls etc) I wondered if doing the same with cables would be as beneficial, but taking part of the problems away.

The problems of the barbell pulls in my opinion are the technical difficulty, possible injuries and the noise a barbell makes when hitting the ground (my gym doesnt like that).

Instead I was thinking of doing pulldowns and seated cable rows in as explosive a manner as i can using a 5x3 30-70% RM 90 sec rest aproach

What do you think? Thankyou for the time you put helping everyone out!


I have several issues with this...

1) Pulldowns and rows do not hit the same muscles as a high pull

2) These two movements do not involve the whole body like high pulls (I want an explosive whole body movement)

3) Who says that technical complexity is a bad thing. Sure a full squat snatch might be too long to learn to be effective for most, but high pulls, even though they are somewhat technical (well in truth they are more about coordination and timing than pure technique) can be learned by everybody and at one point, learning a skill is beneficial

4) I tried high pulls with a pulley and it doesn't work... there isn't enough weight on the stack (at least for me) and if you have enough acceleration (which is what you want) the stacks "flies up" and then drop which is hard one the cable and pulley



With the right cues, becoming proficient at high pulls (especially from blocks) doesn't take long at all. I've seen major improvements in technique within a single session in several people once they understood what the movement is about.

As for the gym not liking the noise - if you can change the gym. Might seem like cliched advice, but it will save you a lot of headaches in the future. If you can't, try doing them from hang.