Explosive and Heavy In One Workout

Hi guys I’ll shorten my post to try and get some replies to my question

I must thank Charlse Staley at this point it was his book The Science of Martial Arts Training that realy got me into proper training about a year and a half or so ago.

I am 35 now and I want to work a routine that will get me in shape to coach rugby
My work out has currently progessed to where it has by trial and error.

I am now trying to do heavy squats and explosive (jump) high pulls with a snatch grip on the first lower day and Heavy DL followed by Jump Squats and both days with hanging pike and Medium Romanian Dead lifts (focusing on the stretch) or some other hamstring exercise to help my weak posterior chain.

I see the West Side guys like to split the explosive and ME days, why? I thought doing them on the same day would help to prevent CNS fatique, but someone said that I am at risk of injury.

On my upper body days I like to include Over head squats (still weak at this one) in my warm up routine. I see coach Dan likes this exersize a lot and so do I (it really lets me know how sad I am a lifting and keeps the ego in check). I do two EDT style Pr Zones for alternating different pin level power cleans and dips in one PR zone and DB flat Bech and cable rows in the second PR zone

Off season, I train Monday Lower Body, Tuesday Upper Body, Wednesday Track sprints (40 yards at most), backwards sprints, occasionally the Bear to start for GPP. Thursday I do Lower body (the other version)and Fridays Upper Body. Saturdays I spend actively with the kids and Sundays off.

I feel that raw stregnth and explosion are key to S&C for rugby. Am I on the right track or what should I be doing should I try a different split, more O-lifts, are there any O-lifters out there who could recomend some routines
Eagerly waiting for a response.