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Explosions in Oslo


2nd explosion reported. 1 death unconfirmed. Prime Minister's HQ. Rumours of gas explosion.


Are there any updates on this? Did they determine the cause of the explosion. Article says bomb blast but it doesn't look like there's any evidence at this time to support that.


Yemeni immigrants just exercising their freedom of worship of "allah."

Apparently, their god demands human sacrifices.


My old post got deleted because it was in a duplicate thread...I am going on record before anybody actually know s that this was a terrorist attack by radical islamic freaks. I actually don't think I am going to far out on that limb.


They dont know yet who or what group who did it.

There is also been a shooting incident at the summer camp for the labour partys
youth organization. It is possible that these incidents are tide togheter and in
that case its more open who did it, It could be islamists as you say or it could also
be some rightwing extremist group. In the past other leftists summercamps have been
'attacked by nazis.

But its all speculations at this point because we just dont know.


The right wing is almost entirely talk.


I am sorry this is happening to you. I hope nobody else gets hurt.


Keeping an eye on the story. Prayers for the lost and the left behind, and the hurting.


I am very sorry this is happening to you. I lost my first wife and unborn son to terrorists.

The "keepers of global jihad" have claimed responsibility, apparently in retaliation for prosecutions of some Iraqi cleric. (Note, that is me translating arabic, which I can do, but it was fast and on the radio, so I am probably off on the name.)


thank you pat :slightly_smiling:

luckily for me I where not in oslo today and I doesnt know anybody that are hurt or dead, but
I feel for those that are touched by these incidents.

btw: It is reports about teenagers have been shot and killed at Utøya where the labour partys youth organisation has summer camp. On the news they say it is a man dressed as a policeman who is the killer.


I'm very sorry for your country. Living so close to New York City I saw firsthand the devastation caused on 9/11. I don't wish that upon anyone. My prayers go out to the citizens of Oslo.


Looks like it's now 7 confirmed dead, 2 injured.

Seems to be in retaliation for comments about Muhammed, or possibly for intervention in Afghanistan and Libya.


I don't know what Norway is doing in Libya, but they've got a very small contingent in a relatively peaceful part of Afganistan, basically providing local police support & humanitarian stuff. Strange to be pissed off at that, but you never know.


"Mann med nordisk utseende pågrepet" says aftenposten.no. Looks like a rightwing nut then, on the leftist youthcamp.


Shit, wrong button. Oh, "A man with nordic features arrested."


They're part of NATO's operation in both Afghanistan and Libya.

And of course, they published the political cartoons of Mohammed in a newspaper.


Yes a '6'4 white male' has been detained at a shooting on an isand for a labor party camp where 4 died. Police think the two events (bomb+shooting) are linked.

Any speculation on responsibility is just that, speculation.


thanks for the concern jewbacca :), but I and my family and friends are luckily not affected. I am sorry for your loss and its therefor me who should be sorry for you and your wife and unborn child not vice versa, I am afterall living in a country where this is
rare happening, while in your part of the world its a part of the daily life.


Must have too do with the Muhammad cartoon. The religion of peace strikes again. Lets hope the US supports them in any means possible.
Usually small countries like Norway only provide humanitarian aid in war zones. I know when I was in Iraq, the Polish where there to provide protection to the Babylon museum and also have docs on standby.


Cartoon was Danish, not Norwegian.