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Exploding Ball



Made my day.



Nasty injuries


Gyms are dangerous places. Last year a friend of mine managed to knock himself out while 'power-lifting' when the bar slipped from his grasp and bounced off his head. Luckily, he wasn't badly hurt and soon recovered. Even so, I'm sticking to the beer and fags. Much safer.

  • Spotter, london, 22/10/2010 12:12

What is the sense of these Gymnasiums when a good brisk walk around the block will give you all the excercise you need .

  • Davey_buoy, Chertsey, 22/10/2010 18:24

Some gold in the comments section


What a fucking div.


Lol how can you NOT be aware that a ball with cuts or scratches in it might pop? lawyers 1, common sense 0


I deadlift on a waterbed for teh stabilatorizing cutz


That will teach him that inflatable balls are not to be used. Way to get a spot on Darwin Awards.






"Mr Allen, a management consultant with Bain & Co, was sitting on an inflatable stability ball to lift bar weights as part of his morning routine when he came crashing to the ground.

The bodybuilder, who is 6ft 5in tall and weighs 19 stone, was lifting freeweights using a green rubber ball to give greater stability to tone his shoulders and abdominal muscles"

bodybuilders use these things now? wut?


I saw a guy in my gym pop one of these from just doing crunches. I never use them for much more then ab rollouts. Ah, and for stretching my back....nothing matches it I tells ya.


That's what you get when you play with balls. They explode all over you.


I dunno, I just can't get around to bashing this guy.
Yes, he was using goofy exercise equipment but at 6'5", 270 lbs he's not really the usual suspect...


You could be Jay Cutler. If this happens it's funny as hell



Now, when did 270 pound bodybuilders started sitting on on balls to lift heavy stuff ?


I can't find the article now but a couple years ago some guy was DB pressing on a ball when it burst, he went straight down and the weights shattered both forearms, if I'm not mistaken they were compound fractures.




â??I was lifting 80kg on the ball and it just burst. >>>>The doctor told me that if I had been three years older the damage could have killed me.<<<< I couldn't breathe properly for a long time after.â??

Awkwardly specific thing for a doctor to tell you


"Mr Allen was working with a personal trainer, Gareth Degg, at the gym, which costs up to £90 a month."

Something doesn't seem to add up, the dudes 270 lbs, and was pressing 175 lbs on a swiss ball with his PT.