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Explanation of Push Press exercise

Hi. I’m working on OVT and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation for the push press exercise for shoulders. I am assuming it is like a clean and jerk perhaps? Any clarifications would help me out a lot. Thanks very much.

Like a military press with a shoulder width grip, and you bend at the knees and explode the weight up.


Hi Lorne! What’s been going on?

Okay, push presses incorporate leg drive. Unlike a static military press where it’s all shoulder and arm (tricep) performing the press.

You can either clean the weight up or begin from the rack. You position the bar high up on the chest; dip at the knees, and explode the bar up, making sure you’re extending the arms up overhead. Bring the bar back down and repeat.

Note: when you’re bringing the bar back down, it’s a controlled “drop” - not too slow, but you’re not banging the bar on your chest, too.


Like a standing military press except you “cheat” by doing and explosive quarter-squat before each rep.

Hey Lorne … welcome back !!