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Explaining Year-Round Lean Doesn't Lead to Size


I've put in my 2 cents on the matter to one of my GST participants, but I'd like to get about 6 more cents worth from some members of this board on the matter.

This guy (a natural) was going strong on a bulk, then all of the sudden seems to have the need to cut and stay lean year round because he's seen another guy (steroid user) doing so.

I know that if he adopts this way of thinking, he's going to **** his gains up for the foreseeable future, and I don't want that to happen. I've laid it out plain and simple for him, but I want back up artillery!


Make a video about it and show him


More than likely will in the future. No comment on the matter?




Without a video i cant understand your post.


No worries, I wouldn't want advice from someone of your intelligence level if that truly is the case.


lol pwned


I personally think that you don't need to be super lean all year round, but I also don't think that you need to put on excess fat in the offseason as a natural and expect that simply because you added a good deal of weight, some of it must be muscle because you are training hard.

IMO, you feed your body what it needs nutrient-wise, and you don't need more than that. Too many guys justify eating boatloads of food and getting too soft (40-50 lb over their contest weights) and end up making just as much if not slightly less or marginally more progress than the guy that ate enough nutrients to grow on, but not much more than that.

As a natty, unfortunately, you can't just constantly add weight and grow more and more.

So I would stay your friend ought to probably fall in between staying cut all year round and carrying too much weight.

Also, tell him to stop comparing himself or judging himself against users...it's a waste of time.


Thanks for the post. I'm not saying to get fat, I'm simply saying that staying in the single digits and expecting to be gaining mass efficiently is just silly. The bottom line is that if you're in a surplus of any amount, fat gain will be present. Fat gain is all part of growth, especially for a natural.

Your last comment is great......here's the problem though. The steroid user claims natural, and it's ridiculous. The rookie amateur is getting conned, and I don't want to see it happen.


All you can do though is share your knowledge and leave it at that. Ultimately grown men (and women) are either going to take good advice... Or learn the hard way. How Much effort is it worth putting in? Something something pearls before swine something something.


If you're passionate about a subject, and have a genuine interest in helping the person, it's worth plenty of time and effort. I'm not going to hound him about it day after day, but I'm going to make sure I do all that I can to keep him from making a mistake.


Interesting. Not sure what personality type that is.
I guess I don't believe in doing "all I can" to stop grown people from figuring things out on their own. Well knock yourself out and good luck.


Personality type of someone caring about helping someone else?

Thanks for the luck.


Uh no, personality type that is caring I hope is pretty universal. I believe (suspect?) that most people are decent and caring.
I mean personality type of taking on solving other people's problems. The going to any length investment...
No biggie I just don't have that kind of free time. Good for you though, it like probably makes you the opposite of a bad person.


It's a big part of my job. Also, when your'e passionate about something, you eventually have a yearning to share your passion and knowledge onto others that can benefit from it. This is why I write instructional/informational books and work for people who've seen what I can do with my own body who want to be able to do the same with theirs.

And yes, I certainly don't feel like a bad person.


Regardless of the above postings, does anyone have a convincing statement that they'd lay out for this guy to make him see the facts?


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it's actually your :slightly_smiling: