Explaining TRT to Wife

Wondering if any of you have a good resource for explaining TRT to your wife. Specifically in regards to libido.

I am 45 and have been exploring TRT for a while. I had labs done and have been discussing with a men’s clinic, and I am about to give it a try. One of the main drivers for this has been my lack of libido. I still love my wife and find her attractive, but I have very little sex drive and it has taken a big toll on our marriage. When I try to explain this to her, and my hope that TRT will be helpful to restore my sex drive, she seems to think that my lack of libido has more to do with something else (like she doesn’t do it for me anymore, or I am not attracted to her, or it is something in my head) and that if I do take TRT it will just be a “fake” attraction and that I will only want her because I am on a drug. Libido is not a problem for her, and of course, all she hears from society is that men want sex all the time.

It seems like a natural thing for her to think about, but I’m wondering if any of you have been through this or if there is a good resource that she can read or watch specifically for wives of men that are being treated with TRT.

I think if you two have a good enough relationship, this will be a positive thing to discuss.

My only gripe is that they use it against you someway, for example “Ohh James!! You’re getting soooo livid for no reason!! If’s GOTTA be the testosterone you’re taking”.

IDK. I’d discuss it with her and hope it works. Share your blood tests too. That’ll put her mind at ease its not HER, but you.

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What did your labs show? Do you have low T? FWIW… there are plenty of people in TRT that still have low libido. I happen to be one of them. Still haven’t had resolution after 14 months on TRT. Plenty of others that raised their T and libido issues were resolved.

My labs showed my total T right in the middle of normal (it was 627). However, my E2 and Free T was low. The doctor explained that my body is not aromatizing my testosterone adequately, and optimizing my testosterone should boost my E2 to where it should be… which he says has a big effect on libido, drive, mood, energy, aching joints… all things I have been struggling with.

We discussed starting with TRT and HCG, I told him I did not want an AI unless my E2 gets to be too high.

What exactly were your FT and E2?

Your TT isn’t bad. Are you very slender? Need to figure out why you’re not aromatizing well, and if it’s something you can correct without TRT.

TRT should be the last option.

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My Total T was 627. My E2 was 19. I don’t remember off hand what my FT was.

I also started TRT with little bit below 600.
For some people this is just not enough and combine that with low e2 and it gets totally crap

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Can I ask what your E2 was at? And were you having libido issues, and did the TRT improve the issue?

You could try 50mg dhea nightly. That may raise E2 up into a beneficial spot that affects TT:E2 ratio enough to produce some libido.

I’d try this first.

Also, are you lean, bodyfat-wise?

My e2 was relatively low as well 25.
I had almost all the low t symptoms
I immediately felt better on trt first three months were great then I start experimenting and messed myself up

Now Im getting back to what worked well for me at the beginning and Im confident things will be great again soon. At least I discovered a lot of things that dont work well for me in TRT

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Total t in midrangr doesnt mean a shit especially with low free t and low e2
Do you have free t in ng/dl?

Yes, I have always been lean and could not gain weight. Lately, I am gaining fat quickly in the midsection.

Should help a bit.

Your numbers arent atrocious. I’d first looking into lifestyle changes and exercise if you don’t already. Things that improve libido without TRT.

Yes, I agree… and I have been exercising and working out regularly for many years. I’m still seeing negative changes, not just libido.

you could always try TRT and come off later. Just don’t let him prescribe you on a every other week dose.

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Can you get hard? If not will viagra and cialis get you hard?

Hopefully it’s yes to one of those questions.
So you can get hard you f the wife. Libido or no libido.

I have the opposite problem. My wife has low libido and I jerk off like a teenager.

At least for me if I am less horny, the FKing will take what seems to be forever. Then the wife’s libido is of no concern as she is too sore to go for the next couple days.

This is where I am at.

It is best to be somewhere in the middle. Too much libido is awesome for a weekend or something. All the time gets to be too much.

He told me I could do 2x a week, I was happy that he said that. And he was open to me not starting with an AI.

Yes - my erections are good, just rare. Desire just isn’t there. Rare to have morning wood, etc.

Tell her To stop being silly: T is naturally produced by the body and it’s a scientific fact that T is what gives men libido and desire to chase woman. Simple as that. There is no debate no argument over it. She is being a typical woman and simply needs reaffirmation that her man still wants and desires her.

Woman want to feel desired.
Men want to feel needed.

T is what protects your heart, brain, organs and Lipids. There are so many men whose diabetes got under control,BP normalized, lipids normalized and so much more due to T.