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Explaination of Amino/Protein Pulsing

What exactly is it? I’ve searched the site but am confused by the amount of posts on the subject and while I have seen mention of an article by CT I haven’t found it. Basically from what I gather pulsing refers to taking the supplement multiple times per day but I feel it’s probably more complicated than that. Lol. Thanks for any answers or links.


Pulsing is introducing some fast absorbing protein (MAG-10) when you are in a state where your amino acid levels in your blood are really low. This pulse causes synthesis and improved uptake of your meal 20 minutes after your pulse. I think the potential was best at breakfast and after a workout. If you pulse after a workout you can eat 90 minutes later.

I hope someone corrects me if I am wrong. And to be honest, I just got my MAG-10 for pulsing so I am going to see how this stuff turns out.