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Why the F*** are there flying saucers depicted in 15th century paintings? If you look closely, you can see one individual in the right upper corner staring upwards at the saucer. What the @%*&?

The french had a coin in the 16th century which also depicted a perfect flying saucer shooting a beam of light.

The germans have early paintings of flying saucers as well.

Cavemen, along with their deer paintings aparently also decided to paint something strikingly similar to a flying saucer.

The egyptians describe in one of their writings, what can easily be construed as a flying saucer sighting.

The bible has a few accounts of what can be described as flying saucer accounts.

I never believed in any of this crap - but what the fuck? Why the fuck are 15 century artists, egyptians, and even cavemen, painting ufos?

Because old fellow,there is no UFO in the background,but maybe someday when you are in the military and are based in Area 51 you can finally let us know the truth.

Diesel the UFologist who ever would of thought it!

Hey diesel , i would think that b/c artists are painting these flying saucers so casually , i mean he isn’t giving any emphasis to it on your painting, that it either must have been a common thing that they just accepted ( like the sun ) or they just add them like crazy artists do. I dont beleive it either…


Thousands of years ago, my people built spaceships and traveled from the Deneb system to the planet you call “Earth”. We took the form of humans, and lived among you. We came only for peaceful purposes. We studied the earth and the people living there.

Now, we have chosen you, to spread the word about us. You must go now to the streets and cities and tell everyone about us. Speak from the heart, and people will follow you.

It is all up to you. You are the one chosen to bring our people together.

-Dutch (I came from outer space)

Sooooooo, Texas is in outer space?

Huh; learn something new every day.

If I saw an alien I’d shoot it and eat it,

Oh what the fuck.

I don’t believe in ufos. It’s just fucking weird - that’s all!

Jesus. Thefact of the matter is that that IS a fucking flying object, andthere are plenty in other paintings of the same time, so what the fuck is it?

I DON’T know what it is, and I have no idea why they would paint it if there were no aircraft then. But the fact of the matteris they painted them.

Just because someone dares to think about what the hell is that thing, doesn’t mean we’re spreading the word about ufos. It just means… that we’re trying to figure it out.

Brains never killed anyone you know.

This thread has made me a teensy bit dumber…


They’re lenticular clouds. Or the boys at Groom Lake not only got some flying saucer like craft going but they developed time travel too.

Okay, I admit it, I was watching History channel, and they were talking about UFOs.

I don’t believe it, but when you sound convincing as they did, you can’t help but wonder.

Just forget the whole thing. I should know alot better than to watch shows on aliens, even if on History channel.

The reason? Because Ufo-nuts look for anything that could possibly be construed as “historical evidence.” Ezekial’s wheel, funny clouds, whatever. The human brain is designed to see patterns, and will generally find instances of whatever bizarre thing we look for, if we look hard enough.

Yeah, ya know Will Smith didn’t think UFOs existed either until he saw “World’s Wildest Aliens on Spring Break” on FOX and then made that movie where he punches out that predator guy cause he was all mackin’ on his bitch. I guess they like them some bootay too, except for the skinny ones that Lethal Weapon guy wupped ass on, cause they can’t handle no thick azz.

So that girlie in that picture is praying they ain’t gonna pull an ET gangbang.

Good question. I myself used to read up on a lot of the UFO stuff. I have seen that portrait before and there are many other pictures out there that were drawn by the ancients with this sort of stuff on it. Most people don’t like to think about this kind of stuff, but obviously, there is something else out there.

Personally, I do believe in other life forms. I believe these other life forms that are out there are angels/demons. Throughout human history there has been tons of writings about “the people from the sky” or angels/demons in religious texts.

I’ve always though that it’s pretty fucking arrogant to think that, as big as this universe is supposed to be (infinite?), we’re the only intelligent form of life in the whole fucking expanse…Yeah, right. There’s gotta be SOMETHING else out there.

How can anyone NOT believe in UFOs, you people can’t see the forest through the trees. Why else would the artist have painted a picture of that lady praying to the propeller-headed alien shown in the lower left corner?

i just looked for a pic of that french coin you talk about… couldnt it be just the sun with rays and a moon crescent occuping the same space? sorta looks like it… and from the looks of the clouds, they arent necessarily big on detail when it comes to shape and proportion

The person in the background is flying a kite.

Under NO circumstances should this post be construed to be any sort of admission to buying in to any sort of Star magazine “I was analy probed…but they kissed me first so it was…well…O.K I guess.” cover story but…

I’m with CC on this one. To assume that our civilization (I am including Jerry Falwell AND the fucker who created “Barney” (Sheryl Leach) in this group…yeah, I know I’m stretching it but this ain’t my thesis you know…) is the sole and therefore pinnacle of life as we know it seems just this side of arrogant…O.K…ENTIRELY on the other side of arrogant.

I would be rather more inclined to believe that Ford Prefect has lost his towel than believe that the race responsible for development of Nuclear Weapons, “Mature BBW” websites and the continued breeding of those stupid little dogs that look like Kleenex boxes could possibly be at the top of an interplanetary food chain.

Because not matter what your theological bent:

If you believe in evolutionary science, you have to believe that the same cosmic coincidences that occurred here could have happened on any one of an almost infinite number of planets…sometime, somewhere, somehow


If you are a Creationist and you think that an all-powerful God whipped off this one, single, solitary planet and accompanying races and packed it in for eternity you gotta hand it to the G-man for the epitome in retiring early. I mean after a 6 day career the man packs it in?

Lazy bastard.

“Civilization is unbearable, but it is less unbearable at the top”

~ Timothy Leary

i always thought “Independance Day” was based on actual events

that thing is not a kite… ive seen close ups and it is in no way shape or form a kite… and the guy is not pullig a string… he is gazing up…

since the painting seems to be of the nativity scene, it’s probably that star the three magi were said to follow

its a weather ballon…