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Explain Your T-Shirt-... I blew it

Well I was wearing my Testosterone T-shirt proudly today at college. And was thinking about a previous thread that said the T-shirt was a great conversation starter. I was kind of thinking about what I might say if a girl asked about the Shirt. Well the time came when one said “explain your shirt” and I just said “oh its just an internet magazine”. Needless to say I regretted this comment due to the fact that I probably could have said something a lot more clever and interesting, and also a lot more true to the nature of T-man. Any Ideas?

I would have said, “Oh it’s something I have really high levels of… maybe I can show you the advantages some time.” :slight_smile:

Testosterone - it’s not just a hormone, it’s an adventure.

“I want women to know I’m big and strong, and can protect my family from the wild beasts in the desert, and provide food for them in the harsh winters. That way they’ll choose to mate with me.”

Well you did blow it!! You should have turned that question into a date. First off she wouldn’t have even spoke to you with out giving you the “once over”, so she at worst found you remotley attractive. There are all kinds of serious and funny things you could have saud, but you first mistake was dimissing it as nothing - that won’t lead to conversation. My only response is “What do you think it means?” That can lead anywhere, but it will for sure get her talking. Write it on your hand if you have to. There will be other chances. “Ah yes, its seems the Force is strong with this one.” - Stifler

When I get asked this it’s usually at a store or restaurant, and by a cute, younger girl. I lean over the counter really slow and beckon her to bring her ear closer to my face. Then, I whisper… “It’s a horomone” and give them a sly wink as I walk away from the counter. This move absolutely cracks my wife up. :o)

Ok well I agree with all 3 ideas so far. Keep them coming! They are all clever, interesting, and to an extent true. However, I would have to give props to anyone who could either spontaneously come up with something like that or someone who could actually say any one of them with a straight face…
How about this one… “Whats with the shirt?” “Oh, its my favorite” “Your favorite what?” “My favorite hormone, Whats your favorite?”… Ok so if I am really stupid feel free to tell me… I love the Testosterone T-shirt, as well as the Biotest T-Shirt. And not just because they were free. These are some quality shirts that really look good, i dont feel like im giving free advertising cause I would wear the shirt just for the look…

(Disclaimer - I think this will only work with a chick I know a little already) I’m just waiting for the next chick to ask me that question… here’s why - When they ask why I wear a Testosterone T-Shirt, I’ll say, ‘so you wanna konw what Testosterone is all about huh…’ I’ll walk up to them, take their hand and put it on my upper arm, tell them to squeeze, then flex… “That’s what testosterone is all about.” They’ll either laugh and pay me out, or I’ll get instant sex on the spot…! [evil grin]

I got that shirt earlier this year. I went to L.A. and I must have gotten asked about the shirt in every store I went into. ALWAYS by hotties!!! It does something to women, when they notice a guy brave enuf to wear the TESTOSTERONE T-SHIRT. You say a lot just by wearing the fucking thing. Me personally, I look good in it - black is my colour. Did I get any dates wearing the thing, never bothered to try… I got a girl I like right now. Anyway, when you wear it be sure to attract a lot of attention. I had girls smiling and talking to me that were actually HOT. When another girl asks you about it, pull the confident nice guy line ‘how about we go and talk more about my shirt over a bite to eat’ OR you could be pure playa stylez and say ‘my shirt isn’t the reason you wanted to talk to me, you think I’m cute don’t you’ I got a girl blushing with that one, we went to get some ice cream after and I got her number but since I live in Toronto I threw it in the garbage after.

Well for some reason the 4th and 5th replys werent showing when I had posted my first reply… Alpha Male- Thankyou for the advice. Im going to try what you said next time the chance arrives cause it really opens it up for conversation. And while I agree that whispering “its a hormone” in their ear is funny and clever, would you do it if you had to see this person every day in class, I couldnt do it…

Your post was very encouraging. Since I have only worn the Shirt once so far I really dont know what to expect cause its too early to tell… But im psyched about what you said, hot girls talking to you everywhere you go… Looks like bodybuilding isnt the only thing T-mag does well…

“It’s an attitude and a lifestyle”…go from there!

ok, the t-shirts are awesome, but what about for us T-vixens??? fuck, I have more testosterone than half the guys i know!! and those t shirts are too damn big for T-vixen tight bods, so how bout a nice little tank top?

tight tank top + tight bod = GREAT ADVERTISING

think about it :slight_smile:

“Bad Grrrl!!”

Woo Hoo! Now that’s what I’m talking about. I second Bad Grrrl’s opinion. I’d love to see a little hottie with a nice body wearing a tight Testosterone tank top! M’m M’m good…oh yeah, I like that a lot. Yeah, how about some tank tops for us guys too! Hey Chris Shugart, thanks for the lowdown on the medium-sized shirts. I went ahead and ordered two Testosterone shirts and a Biotest shirt…now I will be wearing them out all the time! Prepare for some wild and crazy conversations!