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Explain Your Name

I was just cruising around and I’ve always wondered about a couple of your forum names. It’s your trademark and you picked it for some reason. Was there a reason is it just bullshit? Explain your forum name.

Mean Genes - Pretty self explanatory. I’ve always thought of my physique and genetic ability to gain muscle as being optimal (which I actually found out is just slightly above average and possible for anyone that diets right and lifts heavy). And I’m also pretty cocky.

Your turn.

mine is from being on a non-fitness board during the time that the health bug really hit me. I tended to go overboard and someone on there came up with the nickname

Slippery Banana -Well I wanted a name that could be interpreted a number of different ways.

  1. Something to cause someone to slip and fall (which I have did a number of times in my life)

  2. IDK, Fuck just figure it out! LOL

Go to the politics forum. You’ll know why I have mine.

Papa Nick is what I was called by some groups in college, also was refferred to as Hot Nick and Stripper Nick.
Those who didnt know me referred to me as Johnny Bravo. Not compliments per se but there you have it.

Based off David Gemmell’s anti-hero Waylander in his books. He’s basically a total badass.

Maximus - I love the movie Gladiator, I was born in Rome, and it is the Latin version of my first name.

My last name is Schultz

It’s what I do for a living.

And deskjokey, totalnerd, homo were taken.

skaz is a nickname I gave to myself when I was 15. I even have it tattooed on my arm.

I always wanted to be called ‘boner’ though, but no one ever called me that. skaz just stuck better with all my high school friends.

This is my name. Pretty badass huh?

Krazy Koukides is what I was called in highschool. Koukides is my last name. Kuh-oh-key-duss.

Umm… I like to eat avocados… ?


^^ I thought it was for crazy cool kids

Streamline, lean, ripped and very fast! That’s all I’m about, speed and agility is everything to me!

My name represents my lack of creativity and motivation.

[quote]MaximusB wrote:
and it is the Latin version of my first name.[/quote]

That is fucking awesome.

Zoso764 is the key. Led Zeppelin is uncompromisingly cool.

RZA, aka The Rizza, aka Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah, aka Bobby Digital is the leader of the best hip-hop group ever, the Wu-Tang Clan. I like them.

I have played a lot of blackjack in my life…