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Explain This TRT Mystery

First got tested and my total T was < 300

Got an Androgel prescription and my first test put me at near 700. Felt great, dropped fat, morning wood etc.

About 6 months later, no changes to my dosage I tested just under 500. Acne on back, testes shrunk, still morning wood but overall feeling good…better than the first test.

One year after the first test I just registered a 410. Same dosage. Still feeling good. Testes seem to have come back (a tiny bit)…still have the bacne, morning wood etc.

What is with the ever DECREASING T though?

Factors: No change in dosage, no change in diet, living conditions etc. Only side effects have been bacne and shrunken testes.

I’d suggest you read the TRT sticky.

That’s normal… your testes shut down after a couple weeks so then you only have your androgel dose level. You need hcg and need have your E2 levels checked. Sounds like you do not have a competent Dr who knows about TRT therapy.

High estrogens plus no hcg to keep your testes going = lower test