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Explain the L-Leucine Claim


Ok I love Biotest L-Leucine, and I'm fine that on the front of the tub it says something about increasing the anabolic properties of food by up to 500%.

but would somebody explain "jack up muscle protein synthesis by up to 70!"???

up to 70 what?!


Percent. 70%


ok they need to write that then.

right now i'd be happier if they told me that it increased protein synthesis by over nine thousand


My tubs of it say 70 percent




LMAO. I swear to God, yesterday I was gonna start this exact thread and make the DBZ reference.


yeah I'm just riling on the banner they have on the site


hahaha! it's been long enough, i just need to know if they have any intention of changing it/ realize that it sounds ridiculous