Explain the Difference in Feeling Between High Estrogen vs Low

What are the typical symptoms for mood and how one feels when experiencing high estrogen? and low estrogen?

The difference is difficult for the person experiencing the low or high estrogen to know which is which because the mind is effected and desicion making is impared.

High estrogen in my experience caused slowed thought process, irritability and difficulties in maintaining erections but with sensitivity. Low estrogen is a little bit different, these symptoms are polar opposite causing racing thoughts where the mind works frantically quick, quick to anger and frequent urination.

When estrogen is low, but not super low erections are hard but with no sensitivity, high estrogen erections are soft and very difficult to maintain but somewhat sensitive.

It’s like asking how does 4 beers affect you. Granted not the greatest comparison but 4 beers can have one guy drunk as hell and another barely buzzed. To one guy 4 beers is a lot. To the other guy 4 beers is no different than 2 beers.

Systemlord has low SHBG and you’ll notice these guys can’t do high estrogen. I have mid range SHBG with E2 close to 80 and I feel fine. What it really boils down to is the ratio of T to E.

I saw another member here post this the other day.
High T + High E = good
High T + low E = bad
Low T + High E = bad

I like the 15-25:1 ratio (15-25 T for every E)

When you just start TRT or a new protocol you are going to have issues and you’ll want to blame it on estrogen but in reality it doesn’t matter what it is because the only answer is to wait until the 8 week mark until you feel better. And you will feel better if you wait.


High estrogen guys (and by high I mean high for them) report fluid retention, nipple sensitivity, mastalgia, gynecomastia, overly emotional and ED.

Low estrogen guys report poor libido, ED and joint pain.

Some report high E2 symptoms at 35. Some report low E2 symptoms at 25.

Every one says 6 weeks but I never noticed a difference till week 9-10

I have a fairly high E2. 72 for 926 test. SHBG around 32. No major high estrogen side effects. Sometimes if anything I feel like I have low estrogen symptoms. No emotions. Erections are fine but low interest in sex for some reason. No water retention, actually losing weight. So who knows. Could be anything.

Everything that has been posted is possible. Personally, I didn’t notice a difference between 8 and 60. Or any of the numbers in between.

The most important ratio I’d love to find is at which ratio do you get that crazy uncontrollable libido :sunglasses:


This aint good as well, when I was 18-25 was like that. Too many time during the day needed for sex and mastrubation lol(both needed).
But seriously balance is the best at everything :slight_smile:

For me:

High estrogen: hard to get erection even with PDE5s. Sensitivity seemed better. Shorter fuse… irritable.

Low estrogen: definitely blunted emotions. Blah attitude.

I have lowish SHBG and likely had a lot of Free E2 floating around when E2 was high.

That’s interesting. Before trt my E2 for sure was low. No erection. Even 100 mg Viagra and 20 mg Cialis did nothing. So it does seem that every symptom can be both during low or high E2.

Generally, when I take a Viagra, my boner is like a hair trigger. And gets wicked hard.

When my e2 creeps up, it’s less hard, and take a lot longer to get hard. ANd doesn’t stay hard for long.

Everyone’s different. My E2 is almost 80 and I have as hard a dick as it gets and could plow the entire state of Rhode Island and still want more. Some guys here have issues with everything. Hard to blame it on one thing.