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Explain Phase 4?


Can someone explain phase 4 of 12 weeks to SS? I think i undertabnd but im not exactly sure?


What do you want to know?


What exactly do you need explained?


Do you even alternate the bi warm ups with the chest? basicaly does your workout look like this:

chest warm up
bi warm up
chest warm up
bi warm up
chest warm up
bi warm up
Chest work set
Bi workset
Chest ecentric
Bi ecentric
Second Wave
Second Wave

or is the 2nd wave before the ecentric?

Someone please help me im going to the gymin 2 hours, i need hellpppp.


Yes, you alternate the warmups and the work sets. The second wave comes next, if you're doing it, and then the eccentric sets, alternated still, and then the high rep sets.

I've worked up a log sheet for this workout. If you want it PM me with your email.


This is a quote from the article on Phase 4:

"Whether you've chosen to do one or two waves, I want you to follow up with an eccentric set. (Keep in mind, though, that you're going to be alternating between bench presses and biceps curls, so for each set of benches you do, follow with a set of curls before coming back to benches.) Only do the eccentric bench set if you're experienced, injury-free, and have experienced spotters. If there's any risk of injury, pass on this option.

The final set of bench presses is one of my favorites. You want to reduce the load to a weight that allows 10-20 reps. Coming down from doing a lift of 110-120% of your 1RM in the eccentric provides a greater contrast than if you'd come down from your last conventional eccentric/concentric set. The weight that you select will feel incredibly light, and you're going to exploit that temporary physiological and psychological opportunity by doing as many reps as possible (but just short of failure, except in the third week)."