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Explain Myspace


No sarcasm here, I really don't understand all the hype for myspace.
I see that a lot of people have myspace also singers,actors or semi-popular people have myspace.
So if they choose myspace there must be something useful with it....

Am I missing something ?

I opened an account but I only received spam,that's it


You're about a year or two too late. Myspace has fallen out of favour with the majority of people. It's primarily used as a marketing tool now. I don't know anyone who uses it anymore.

If you're interested in that kind of thing facebook may be more up your alley.


It has gotten out of hand. They have these damn hackers on there that will get into your profile and post bulletins and comments about free ringtones and such.

The only reason I use it is because I have friends that live far off and who are in the military. I can use MySpace to talk to them.

There was another site called rnyspace.com that looked like the MySpace page login. It would steal your password to post advertisements.


Or you can just send people your My Magnum URL...


About the only thing I like about myspace is the music you can find on there, alotta artist that don't get air play or local acts in my area.
Also to keep in touch w/ my younger nephews/nieces/cousins.I'm close w/ my family so it's a means to keep tabs on them.
Other than that, it's crap.


It was a good way to keep in touch with old friends, but as others have said, it's been hacked too many times and people have moved on to other sites.


It's been hacked several times because people's identity has been stolen through false bulletins. In other words, if you see a a link or a bulletin that reads click here for the hottest babes or whatever, and you do click on it, don't login again because that is how they steal your password. If you see bulletins that you have not posted, change your password.


Everyone says they use it to keep in touch with friends and I don't get that. What is wrong with email, phone calls, or writing a letter? Isn't that a little more personal than "Wut's up? Comment me back! ttyl!"?

I did manage to hook up with a few hot(and very crazy)chicks via myspace so I guess it wasn't a total loss, and that, in my opinion is really it's only use. To hook up, and or post pictures of yourself with some dude's cock hanging out of your mouth to make your boyfriend jealous.


I heard about this mythical happening, and I tried. Good Lord did I try!


Myspace is good for a couple things.

Number one, you keep in contact with people that you otherwise might not- friends who have moved away, are in the military, etc. You lose phone numbers and shit, but that page is always there.

Number two, women use it exclusively to keep in contact, so girls that you may have never talked to again will find you on myspace or vice versa, and you can keep in light contact until you want to move on it. I think of it as kind of a bullpen for women. It has worked for me in that degree also.

The third and final good thing is that after you hook up with a broad after you've been drinking, you can check her myspace and see if she was actually good looking or if you were just plowed. There were a couple times that I would have called the girl and gone out again, but then looked at her page and said, "Fucking christ, uh uh."


Stay classy, Irish!


Thats when you print out the picture and mail it to her parents house.


haha. That reminds me of that South Park episode.

Sweet, new South Park this week.


You know it.


I use facebook and it has been a good way to find people that I have lost contact with in the past. Myspace seems pretty shit for that though.


I have a myspace account for myself as a musician.

It's a good networking tool to get in touch with composers and other musicians. Personally, I've received some unpublished works for guitar from composers around the country, and had the opportunity to discuss school/masterclass/experience options with other guitarist from around the world.

For the classical musician, it's not a bad thing--for a composer, it's a way to get your work played. Facebook tends to be more my social internet thing.

The recordings are over 2 years old now. oops.


It works for that. I've been turned on to a lot of new and cool music thru myspace. The bs eventually got the better of me again though. Some hippie jam folk bad wanted me to be their friend. Why? If I came to one of your shows I would probably stuff you into the bass drum bitch.


Great mental image....

What do you do to warm up the bullpen ?

I'm picturing the television play-by-play guy saying..."looks like he's gonna go with the righty..nope...he's bringin' in the southpaw"...


Always stick with the southpaw.