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Explain How I Still Saw Results


For about the past year I have gotten side tracked with lifting and keeping healthy. Either I am out partying, eating crappy food all the time, drinking and in general not taking care of myself. My exercise has pretty much been whatever I got at work (which wasnt much), having sex and the 100 or so feet I would have to run to my car when it was raining out.

About a month ago I decided I was gonna get back into things. I started eating healthier and I've been doing cardio a couple times a week. I havent been lifting since during the summer I'm really active and dont like being sore while wakeboarding.

ANYWAYS... Right now I'm about 15 lbs heavier then I have ever been at my current body fat level. I'm well into the single digits. Hell I'm actually a couple lbs heavier then when I finished my last bulk but I have close to 10% less bodyfat when that happened.

So pretty much I've done EVERYTHING wrong for the past year yet I'm actually bigger and leaner then I have ever been.

The only thing I can think of is that my sex drive is that of a 16 year old for the past year which might mean my testosterone levels have been really high. Just doesnt make any sense.
I'm obviously not complaining about this. Just wondering if there is actually an explanation why.


Don't ask questions like that, God will take it away from you.




its probably the running to the car...


Puberty hit?


Your testicles finally descended from your body?


Maybe his mom is spraying 11-T on all his food.


Have you been bit by a spider and/or would I not like you when you get angry?


This is stunningly amazing and goes against all that science has taught us. This MUST be fake.


That happened about 13 years ago.

I havent lived with the parents for a long time.

no.. and I rarely care enough about anything to actually get angry.. lol

That is why I'm asking.. thought maybe other people have experienced this too..


On goofy threads like this I like to switch up the voice that I read the posts with between members of the Loony Toons.

Orion was Elmer Fudd and Prof. was Daffy Duck.


Oh all the time 2 times a day for a week straight.


This is the most well veiled "I have sex more than you do" thread I have ever seen!


Maybe it was the secret Russian training regimen.... ;p


yes, it's actually a pretty common phenomenon. i did a research project on it for my hs science fair and it ended up happening to me too.

i think it's still happening.



Could it have something to do with you being really active and feeding your body?




Are you a chick? Seriously that is something a chick would say.
"I'm gonna take two words from an entire conversation and draw a conclusion from those two words"

I'm guessing there is no answer to this question. It really should have ended after the first response.


Roids. Admit it.


OP, have you ever tried creatine? I heard you can make almost steriod like gains from it.