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Explain Biotest Quality


I've got a bottle of the Cheap Supplements brand creatine monohydrate here. I compared the label to the Biotest brand creatine. There is no difference in the ingredients. Why spend the extra money? Someone, please, expain to me what I'm paying for when I buy Biotest. I love T Nation and I want to be convinced of the efficacy of Biotest products, but I have to know where my money is going.



Dude. If youre interested in trying a supplement just buy it and see for yourself. Youre already skeptical. Why would anyone here waste their time trying to convince someone with a bias?

Im sure you can afford the $12 or whatever it costs for the creatine in the Biotest store.

And did you expect the ingredients to be different? When you buy creatine do you want to see anything BUT creatine on the label??


You don't explain quality, you experience it and realize the difference. I started using Biotest protein powders about 10 years ago. I would buy it when I had the extra money to 'spare'. Over the years, the money spent became less of an issue to me than the actual results their products delivered. Eventually, every bodybuilding supplement I use started arriving from the same address in Colorado. I never looked back.



I will say as long as you buy Creapure, or micronized creatine, you are good. As far as the other supplements, you can get away with buying most from other sources if they are available, but I do buy specific ones from here that I know I can't get anywhere else.

Example, I buy Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth and Surge Workout Fuel here. Both products I really like. However, I refuse to buy MAG-10 after the price went from $45/tub to $55/tub (when buying 2) and no longer offering bulk deals.


Creatine probably isn't as important as other supplements for purity and quality anyway.

Shit like fish oil, you want clear of any impurities (like heavy metals, I hear those are bad for you) and you want them from a company you can trust when they're concentrating it to the degree Flameout is.


just ordered some Biotest creatine after using vit-shoppe brand monohydrate for the last 3 years or so. ill see if i notice any difference


I suppose I'm always a bit more concerned about what is not on the label. I appreciate what you're saying though, and there really is no excuse to pass up on something which may bring you closer to the actualization fo your goals if it's a matter of some small sum.


Thank you everyone for the feedback. I suppose the results will either speak for themselves or they won't, and if they don't then I'm only out a few dollars at the end of the day.
Stu and Gabex, you may have convinced me to give the Biotest proteins a shot in addition to the creatine.
Ghost, I never considered checking my fish oil for heavy metal impurities, but considering the brand I'm currently on I wouldn't be suprised if they were able to throw off a compass needle.


Micronized creatine requires a large, expensive facility to produce, and so the production thereof is concentrated to 1-2 companies in Germany. As such it doesnt really matter where you buy your creatine from, its all coming from the same source more or less (Creapure).

Kind of like most quality BCAAs come from Ajimoto in Japan (Ajipure is the brand), and most fish oil sold in North America comes from Ocean Nutrition, as the brand MEG-3

Still, since shipping is free and the price is competitive, you might as well buy it here


LOL Mighty Stu Pirsig, that goes for low quality too, right?

I understand where you're coming from though. The fact is we just don't "know" if most claims about supplements are true, and I'm sure some of the conspiracy theorists around here would say we couldn't be sure even if the industry were regulated. I still found that tidbit to be pretty funny.

Isn't this what the money back guarantee is all about?


This is the exact reason why it's a smart idea to buy your supps from a quality company that you can trust... like Biotest.


To take this topic in a very slightly different direction, if I am considering Biotest protein supplements, what is recommended for general purpose/post-workout use? Grow! Whey, Metabolic Drive? Once again, I'm going to have to bear in mind the aforementioned advice concerning quality supplements coming from quality companies, but with consideration for the fact that I've been fed nothing but ON whey since high school, what is my best bet here?


If I could afford it I'd get Metabolic Drive but I'm on a budget so I get Grow! Whey. I use it in a couple recipes too. I used to get dynamatize brand whey/casein blend and I liked it nearly as much but the Grow! Whey is easier on my gut than a glass of milk.


I found GNC protein powder to be overpriced and it tastes like mud.


Originally Biotest didn't want to sell creatine. They said what was out there was fine, and they were only interested in cutting edge stuff.

But the people here said they wanted to get most if not all their supps from one company instead of buying from multiple brands. Biotest decided to make the customers happy and put out a creatine product.

Aparently they do a better job then some at removing impurities such as creatinine, at least better then the cheapo companies.

And as far as price, come on, 25ยข a serving is too much?


I think about how much money I wasted trying to save a few bucks when I was first using supplements on a regular basis. In hind site, there were a lot of things I could have done better, but as I've pointed out before, I only started competing in bodybuilding the last three years (I'm 38), and in those years, as I've relied more and more on supplements for recovery and just keeping my body in optimal working order, I've made LBM gains that most people would be happy to make in their 20's.

Look at it this way,.. you've got one company, that offers your money back if not happy with any first time product purchase, doesn't advertise, and yet seems to be making well enough of a profit to remain in business for over a decade, continually pushing the envelop on new products, picking the minds of top coaches and doctors for the next big thing... and did I mention, doesn't advertise yet maintains a very steady stream of clients? -lol.
On the other hand, you've got a zillion companies all turning out the same types of products, always trying to undercut their production costs, spending more money on paying top pros to SAY that they use their products than on developing new innovations, and constantly biting off each others' ads and slogans.

I don't even look at supplement ads anymore. I figure anything new is worthwhile, I'll hear about it on here.



Thank you. I agree with your analysis of the taste of ON whey. Mud, watery mud or flavored milk.


If you would have experience Weider protein powder back in the 80's, you would understand.

Quality. And the mirror doesn't lie.


i'll agree with fletch. MD (both low carb and complete) are great products, but a little pricier than the Grow! (which in my opinion tastes better). go with what you can afford... it's not like Biotest's cheaper products are crappy.


I second the Mighty Stu. You get what you pay for.
I don't buy a lot, but what I buy, I want the best for the money I spend.