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Expiring T-2 (old formula)

I have 2 bottles of T-2 that will be expiring in 4/03 and 8/03 of next year. The one that expires in April is half full and the other has not been opened. Both have been in the fridge since getting them. Is it safe to say that they will be good a little past the exp. date? I don’t think I’ll be using them until just before summer when I want to shed a little fat.

Well, let’s just say that third world countries have effectively been using medicine well beyond the expiration date to treat diseases. The potency may decrease a bit over time, but it should still be very effective.

I will totally agree with Jason on this one. I believe it’s usually common practice to write an expiration date which is 2-3 years after manufacturing. The government once threw out billions of dollars in expired medications, then they decided to test the potency after the fact, and found out that those medicines would have still been effective. Even aspirin can hold on to 90% of its effectiveness after 10 years. but as far as T-2 or any other supplement goes, IMO, i think that if it’s been stored “in a cool, dry place”, i’d have no question in my mind on taking any supplement that was a year past its expiration. But if you’re still concearned, netrition.com still has T-2 for under $10.

Expiration dates on drugs indicate the approximate date on which the product has lost 10% efficacy. Its totally fine to use.