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Expired Whey


I'm curious if anyone knows if it's alright to consume some whey protein that expired on 3/04? If so, has the protein degraded so I would need more?

I'm in a 12-week contest at work and want everything to be right, and am debating on just buying some new stuff, but if the old stuff has no problems then I'll use it.

By the way, the containers have never been opened.

Thanks for any reply in advance.


its probably going to clump when you mix it... other than that you shouldnt have any problems


Unopened containers stored in a dry, cool, place would probably be okay. The protein isn't going to degrade by itself.


Most protein powders are standardized for a year after the expiry date.

The protein should be ok.


Your whey powder is almost certainly still good.

Unless the container you have it in isn't air tight or you've had it opened a lot. Water pulled out of the air (humidity) is what bacteria would use to digest it. Heat can also degrade things. Without water or heat, it's basically inert. Expiration dates are estimates based on average use/care.

Example - How long would your milk last if you put it in the freezer? (assuming the carton didn't explode on you first..)

If you've kept it air tight and away from heat, it's still good.


As long as it's not casein, it can actually be a good thing for the protein to have broken down a little. Kinda odd, but true!