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Expired Whey Protein Okay to Use?


A buddy of mine has some whey protein that expired Sept 2005. He's had it in his closet since he bought it...we were wondering if it would still be good to eat, what do you guys think?


You might die.


That might not be so bad considering the question he just asked...


Not to seem too snarky -- but how did you think this would be okay? Do you drink milk that's been expired for a couple months? Meat that's only a few weeks past its date?

Really, man... c'mon. You were joking, right?


Eat it. Its fine. But it will have less protein than labelled. The protein in whey powder breaks down over time.. and the expiry date is simply an estimate of this process.


I have a friend who insists on eating every imaginable supplement that has "expired."

I had some protein cookies that I was about to throw out. My wife found them at the bottom of a cupboard. Date was something like 2001.

He said give them to me "I'll mic them and they will be good as new."

I have also seen him consume protein from the 90's....

He is as healthy as a horse.


You're wrong.

You're right.


Yes, I agree with those who are right :slightly_smiling: Supplement and drug expiration date is only for a guarantee of potency. Eat it and Grow!


Obviously some expiration dates are more guidelines than anything. I wouldn't really know how long protein powder lasts past the expiration date since I don't take it or other supps. I myself prob wouldn't eat it, but he didn't really want to throw it away after paying money for it, so I thought I'd ask for him since he doesn't have a computer.

Anyway thanks for the serious replys.


Not the first time, either! :slight_smile:


no hes not




In fact, it is unsafe to even have next to your other food products. As quickly (and safely) as possible, seal this powder into a shipping container and send it to ME.

I guarantee to dispose of it in a safe and fitting manner where it can not do damage to anyone or anything...except possibly some iron.


Of course the real question here is: what brand is it?

Answer that and we can tell you if it is safe to eat, expired, or fresh.

Also if it is moving, don't eat it. First kill it, then eat it. Use fire to kill it, that saves cooking time. You can apply this principle to many creatures, not just evolved protein tubs.

But more seriously, a closet would have helped keep it fresh. If you were in a warm climate, that might degrade it faster. But it isn't going to be lethal, maybe 5% diminished potency.

If there was moisture in it though, that ain't so good.

I've got protein in my cupboard from 1999 ... I dunno if it is OK I have not opened it. I doubt it.


Looking healthy on the outside may prove deceptive... A cop friend of mine just told me how a comrade who was into marathons and very healthy just dropped dead from a heart attack the other day... he was 39.

You have to consider there's a reason why they put warning labels on bottles. Are people so cheap they want to risk their good health. Remember in the movie Supersize Me, would you eat those french fries looking brand new after weeks sitting in that jar.


Don't be so freakin cheap.

While the odds are minimal (especially if it was never opened), there is probably the potential that mold will eventually grow on it. Molds generally create or release toxins that can be pretty severe.

Why risk that for the sake a few measly bucks?