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Expired Vitamins Causing Problems


Does anybody know of any particular vitamin/mineral/etc that goes 'bad' not just 'weak' after it expires.

To my understanding I was told that most vitamins or supplements just go weak after expiration and not bad.

If anybody knows of ones that will cause problems if they are taken after the expiration date please let me know.

I just came up on 3.5 grocery bags full of expired vitamins. Probably close to $500+ worth of stuff and I would really like to use them as long as they won't kill me or worse. :stuck_out_tongue: lol




Most vitamins can go bad, whereas minerals are probably a bit more stable.

I'd trash the expired vitamins.


Most as in there is a list somewhere stating the ones that don't go bad??

I mean they were free and I have no probs trashing them, but I'd rather have that as the last option. lol

Vit C, phosphatidyl serine, choline, a,d,e, bee pollen, royal jelly, greens source, co q10, saw palmetto, aloe vera.

those were probably going to be the ones I was going to use, but I have many, many, more.

do u know anything about any of those particular ones?

Do they go 'bad' as in toxic/harmful...or bad as in taking a product that won't do anything?

Thanks man



No man I think you're good. I used to work in a health food type store in college and I used to yank all the expired stuff and use it. Never felt any worse than taking regular ones.


I work at one as well and I do take certain expired things every now and then and I am fine.

I will be taking a TON of expired stuff...not just your random vitamin here and there so I want to be certain that it won't poison me. lol

Idk if vitamins have isotopes or can change by expiration but I don't want to poison myself. lol



Yeah idk I'm the kinda guy who will eat food that may or may not be fit for human consumption so maybe I'm not the best person to ask...


Supplements, Vitamins, and Minerals that have expired are safe, unless the nutrient is a sensitive one or in liquid form. Example of sensitive nutrient: Vitamin E, oils, and fats stored in pills, capsules, or bottles may in fact lose a lot of nutrition over time.

However, most nutrients, such as calcium, zinc, iron, minerals, etc. will not degrade over time in a bad enough way to harm. Multi-vitamin tablets and capsules will still be very beneficial even after the expiry date if they don't have sensitive nutrients in them (for example ones that oxidize).

The reality is most multi-vitamins will last years and years after the expiration date. But to increase sales and to increase only slight results from the pill, the expiration date is stamped on the pill. Don't take the expiration date as a serious danger notice.


You're going to take ALL those?

I posted a thread outlining all the supps I took and basically bitched about it.

People posted that you can get too much of the binding agents in the pills... Magnesium stearate is one of them. I pruned my supps down and now I take much less.