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Expired Tetesosterone E, Use It or Toss It?


I have (4) 10ml (200mg/1ml) vials of test. E from days gone bye. Exp on bottles 1/08 never punctured still capped always in med cabinet in orig. box. Use or toss. just need opinions Thanks


use !


I'm all for using medications far past the expiration but 7 years? If it didn't look like there were any sedimentation I would try and just be cautious of any strange reaction.


Yea, It only saves me about $350 but I just have a hard time tossing it when every 10 weeks I'm buying more. There's no sedimentation I didn't know if it might loose potency?


While i agree that its a long ways past exp date, I myself would also have a very hard time tossing T in the trash.


Toss. Expiration dates on things don't always mean there is something growing in there, but the actives may breakdown over time and you may be underdosing by a lot. I don't know specifically for Test, but don't be dumb.


your right, we're not talking about lip balm here but injectables


I wouldn't worry about it. Use.