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Expired Tamoxifen

Hello my friend has tamoxifen that’s all
Sealed and has been kept in a cold ac. It’s expired May of last year. Still okay to take or should I buy a new one?

Generally if it’s Pharma quality, then the products are made so there’s >95% of the drug left at the expiration date which usually is 5 years after the production date. In your case I would say there’s enough left after a year in top of that. Probably >90%. Tamoxifen is also not a particularly unstable drug. I’d use it and you’ll see if it works through labs.

I’ll leave this one here as a bit of information (not really 100% applicable here though)

I’d also look up if there’s toxic degradation products. I don’t know of any from the top of my head.

Wow thanks for the solid information lordgains, helps out a lot! Much appreciated