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Expired Swole 1/2


I got a bottle of this stuff from a contest a couple monthes ago and it was expired when I got it, expiry date was late 2006, so do you think it would have any benefit to take it now? or should I just toss it?


What is it exactly? And since it was expired when you got it, that might show the product wasn't effective in the first place.

Toss it.


See link for description, bodybuilding.com/store/syn/swole.html, the link is for swole, swole 1/2 is basically the same except less of each substance.


Link doesn't work. This it?

From what I gather, it's creatine, betaine, glucoronolactone(potentially carcinogenic stimulant), Glycocyamine(creatine precursor potentially linked to vascular disease), and Guanidinopropionic Acid(helps creatine uptake but degrades protein)

Huh. I wouldn't really take it in the first place - creatine mono sounds like a better, less gimmicky way to go. It's obviously up to you as to whether or not to take it.
As for whether it's fresh, smell the stuff - if you get a strange odor or it's solidified then it's no good.


Ya that's it, from your desciption of the ingrediants it looks like I'd be better of tossing it out. thanks for the info.