Expired Protein?

i bought 45lbs of protein from a reputible uk wholesale company.

they were selling it at 90% off because it expires in august.

what i want to know, is how long i can use it after its expired, does the protein content drop?

it was still factory sealed when it was delivered to me, i onyl opened it to fill up my old tubs.



Not an expert opinion here, I doubt it’ll make much difference for a couple months after.

If you are worried, I’ll take some off your hands. :slight_smile:

It is protein. My guess is that it would degrade to BCAA. You can take it till its all gone.

[quote]BlakeAJackson wrote:
It is protein. My guess is that it would degrade to BCAA. You can take it till its all gone.[/quote]

   Hey guys, ya know it's funny. I occasionally get vitamins from the vitamin shoppe..now I get most of my shit from special sources on the net and all, but every now and then I stroll in there because they have a special rack where they put any and all products that are just getting NEAR the exp date. 

These products are routinely 50-75% marked down, it’s so crazy it’s funny…I see something worthwhile whether its flax seed/oil, vit e, selenium, anti-ox’s, whatever. if it’s a good thing, I buy it. I’ve bought 30 dollar items for like 5 bucks frequently.

The bottom line is this: These things don’t just "fall off the edge and suddenly turn toxic, or super weak, or anything. In fact they usually have any drop in potency well after the actual date stamped…These companies want to make sure when you buy it that it’s fully potent, so naturally they make said exp date a tad premature even…just to make sure no one gets their product in a supposed bogus weak state…

    So, I go in there now and then and just pick up a handful of goodies and laugh all the way to the bank on the way home..They mark some of these products up so much it should be criminal...especially "special brand names", so that's what I do...

    In other words, go gobble that protein up buddy, and stop by your local vitamin shoppe around the first of the month for a nice selection of "expiring soon" products..lol..

        cheers, Tonebone