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Expired Protein

so i work at a gym, at the back of the drink storage room there were a couple of cases of whey force(protien), they have been expired for 3 months, the boss gave them to me because he couldnt sell them,

so my question is how long can this shit sit on a shelf for it goes bad

aslong as it wasnt too hot or got wet where they were stored. id say you should be fine.

send them to me if you dont want them.

I have this “gourmet” stuff… I bought it $20.00 cheaper from a friend who was going to the Marines…

I’m pretty sure its not expired, but it tastes like fucking ass and I never want to smell it or drink it again… I’d rather be weak and malnourished than drink this garbage.

sorry, had to get this out

p.s. its max muscle strawberry shortcake flavor (fail) dont ever try it

3 months is probably ok, though if it smells or tastes funny dump it.

Keep it cool and dry and use it as soon as possible though.