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Expired Protein Powder

ive been away from home for sometime, and found an old container of whey thats six months expired. the contents smells okay and the poweder still has a powdery and fine consistency. does anyone know if it might be safe to consume or if the nutritional content might still be there?

Stuff like this makes me shake my head a little bit… :stuck_out_tongue:

So, was it previously opened? Was it kept outside in sunlight and 90 degree heat?

Look, unfortunately nobody will know whether or not it has gone bad over the Internet!

On another note, protein isn’t some radioactive substance that magically degrades through radioactive decay. Why are people always worried that protein will turn into some inert substance on it’s own these days?

so its not safe? so it wouldnt have become “inert” and i can still take it? just wanna know if i should throw it out…

I would eat it.
Expiry dates are usually very conservative.
Unless you are made of money…

Eat it.

I guess it depends on the protien, I had two expire on the same dates, one was ok - the other was not.

I had a bottle of ON Pro-Complex in Rocky Road flavor that expired 3 months past the expy date. That was still good, diddnt even know the difference until I threw out the bottle.

I also had a bottle of GNC Brand Ultra-Whey Vanilla Flavor and that was also 3 months past due. I can tell it tasted kinda funny, more chalk like then ever before. After drinking, I looked at the expy date and put two and two together. GNC brand always tastes chalky anyway, just not like how I had it.

I swear Myoplex never expires, I went 6 months with that stuff past and it was good like when I bought it (close dated). I buy my stuff near expiration anyway, its cheaper like that.