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Expired Protein Drinks

Under normal conditions, I would never drink this stuff, but I also never turn down free food.

My buddy gave me approx 10 eas myoplex rtd’s. Upon further review (and after drinking 2 of them), they all expired in october of 2004.

Do you all think these are good to drink? Thanks for the info.



You should have no problem with your protein powder, (besides the fact that it’s EAS), as long as it doesn’t have albumin(egg) in it.

I work at GNC and get close to expired products all the time (I also like deals). I’ve never had any problems.

The worst that might happen is that some of the amino acids may weaken, leaving you with a bit less quality then it started with…even that is probably not all that likely.

Drink up!

I really am not sure, but once i bought some expired powder at a shop a week old, it was a quarter of the retail price.

Ahahaha! Dude you got ripped off! (just jokin’)

Although, it should be 25% of the original price if it’s within 1 month of expiring, 50% off withing 2 months…and so on.

Like I said above though, I like deals too and there isn’t going to be much of a difference in quality…if any.

Thanks bro. I wasn’t worried about powder, but what he gave me were RTD cans, so it was already a liquid.

And, I would have never paid for it, but it was free! Thanks again.