Expired NPP?

I was wanting some advice on what might be wrong with my gear. My NPP is only out of date by 1 month and for some reason it has turned semi-solid, it was fine a few months ago and now it looks real thick and you can hardly see through the bottle. Any ideas? I wanna take it but i wasnt sure if i even can.

+Put a needle (not a syringe) in the bottle with no barrel attached (this will vent the heated air in the vial).

+Put the vial in the oven at 100 degrees centegrade 'swirling occasionally) checking it every 10-15mins until clear.

+I’d personally give it an extra 5mins 'to be sure… to be sure.'Irish accent


Ahh./… second option to be tried first:

If a oil based steroid (or many oils without steroids in!) are left in cold climates for any length of time they will become of this consistency. Alot like honey, but not really…! :wink:

Leave it on the radiator for an hour with the radiator on (i felt i should include that important factor given your “1 post”) and the heat should warm the oil and get those molecules vibrating nicely!!!


Thanks for the advice Brook, i intend on giving it a try. I hope this works, cause you may have just saved me a few bucks!!

Brook, you are the man!! Your method in the oven worked perfectly. For a number of years i have been getting screwed ordering gear online and finding reliable repeat sources, so when i finally get ahold of some i treat it like gold. I thought this gear was heading for the can but you saved the day. Thanks again!!