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Expired HGH. Still Safe to Use?

Hello all. Ive been off gear for a few years (2016) and im thinking of going back on for a ml a week of test for TRT purposes (50 years old this year) so got that sorted but found in the back of a cupboard some HGH from 2016, unmixed in powder for and was wondering would any of you risk it? theres quite a bit of it there so be a pity to chuck it if its still of any use. its been stored in a cupboard under my stairs, relatively coolish. cheers.

Most drugs have active lives well beyond their expiration dates. The worst that could happen is that it’s not as effective. I doubt there’s any real harm in using it, but you should really seek out a professional opinion on that one, just in case.

cheers mate. ive been thinking along the same lines as you say most prob harmless but possibly weaker. ive asked my local chemist but he said he cant give me any advice because it non-prescribed.