Expired gh

I got a pretty large batch of growth hormone about 3 years ago. I used most of it but, for some reason; stupidity is the one I can think of right now, I held a 2 month supply back. It is still sealed and has been in the frige this whole time. I am thinking about using it but it expired 1.5 years ago. I have used other anabolics after the expiration date but was unsure of such a delicate substance as gh. Any thoughts and or experience? Thanks!

Unfortunately from the data I have been able to gather the gh is useless now. The structure won’t last much longer than the date listed. The protiens usually begin to break down over time. The good news is that it won’t hurt to use it. You’ll probably know within a short time whether it is working or not.

By the way how did you administer the gh when you used it. What type of needle and where did you inject. (I’m looking for options)
All the best

Thanks for your input. I use a 29g needle, inject sub-Q, in the pubic area; where my leg meets my torso. About 2 inches from my belly button (alternating left to right each injection) and about 3 inches down. I pinch the skin, pull it away from my body and push the needle in just below my thumb on the pinch of skin. I keep the needle parallel to my body. Did that make sense? Anyway, I like 4iu’s every night, 5 nights a week. I can’t keep the weight on. Talk about shredded. I usually only use about 500mg a week of AAS with it. Awesome!

Sounds good. I’m using the stuff for recovery from intense workouts. I am a pro athlete…just need a little edge. Not worried about size and my strength is where I need it to be. So I’m really using it to push the envelope a little when it comes to training volume and recovery. From what I read, this is the stuff to use for that purpose, especially when you are subjected to testing which I am. By the way what is AAS?

Stupid me…I’m well aware of AAS. How did you find the gh worked in the area of recovery?


Do you GH injections in the morning. Your body secretes enough natural GH while you sleep. Injecting it at night will tell your body not to produce any. Mornings are when your body is in its most catabolic state from fasting all night, too.

GH has a VERY short half life. Taking your shots in the morning won’t interfere with your nighttime natural production at all. Get the best of both worlds from your natural production and your exogenous intake. Good luck.

I plan on starting 4 IUs too in about 3 weeks. Glad to hear that amount is so effective.

Lturn, it really helped my recovery. I trained a bodypart every 5th day (traning my entire body over a 3 day period, then 1 day off…repeat). It was pretty difficult to get sore. As for AAS, I usually use Test. I find gh works better in a fairly androgenic environment.

Mass, thanks for the input. I have tried AM injections, but it made me groggy throughout the day. Has this ever happened to you? Does it subside after time? I did AM inj. for the first 5 days of my first cycle only. I’ll give it another try though. What you said does make sense. Thanks again.

Thanks for the info. I started the Am injections also. Just finished my first week of my first cycle. I agree with the groggy feeling. I found it did get better towards the end. Already after 5 injections my training capacity is getting larger. Anyway, I appreciate the advice,