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Expired Gear

 I got this stuff in Mexico in the summer of 2002 but never did the cycle. I would like to take it now but it's expired. The Winny expired 6/03 and the Tren expired 12/03. Someone with more expirence in this, please let me know if it's still ok to take or should I trash it Thanks 

It’s still ok. I asked a pharmacist about this. She said the meds don’t go bad, just loose potency.

At the time of expiration the meds loose 5% of their potency, then the rate of degredation is 2.5% every 6 months.

So 200mg at expiry would be about 190mg, a 5% loss. A year later it would loose another 5% so it would bring it down to (190 - 5%) 180mg. That’s assuming perfect storing conditions in the first place. In the real world i would expect the numbers to double. But in the end, Yes it’s safe.

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