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Expiration Of Opened MAG-10?

Hey Cy or anyone else who might know,

I’ve got 2 bottles of MAG-10 I was planning to save for a number of years. In order to store them I opened the bottles and switched them to a less “suspicious looking” bottle. Damn stupid looking back given the fact that they’ll probably expire more quickly.

I’d like to save these for a number of years until a rainy day. I know that the regular life expectancy without freezing is 3 years, any idea of how it might have been reduced without the airtight seal?



I am not “in the know” on Biotest’s lab procedures, but I don’t think that there is any vaccuum or inert gas injection before sealing. The seal just keeps any extra air out and avoids spilling.
So my advice is to either use the stuff or seal it yourself. Get some “press and seal” (I don’t know I think GLAD makes it) from the store, seal it, cap it, freeze it. Or use it!
And I don’t know how this will affect potency during/after storage.

I’m pretty sure even an opened container that’s kept frozen should last a long time.

I like the press and seal idea.

Give it a shot.

Thanks guys. Is the “press and seal” like a bag or what?

It’s tough cause I want to wait as long as possible to use it but I don’t want it to end up being ineffective one day cause it spoiled, that would blow.


Here is a link to the glad press’n seal website. I think if you are going to store/freeze it, this would be your best option.

Thanks, much appreciated