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Expiration Dates

I have some Surge that had an 04/04 use by date. I would think it would still be okay to use since it has never been opened. I have some Low-Carb Grow! with the same dates. I am not always good about using what I buy, especially powders. I am a lot better with pills. I get tired of drinking. But anyway I will use it unless someone thinks it will kill me…

Man I dont even Know how you could let those reach their exp. date. I no sooner than open mine and I devour them. LOL

That said. If they are sealed, I would use em’. If you want reassurance you might call customer service, but seeing as they really wouldnt want anyone to get sick or something no matter how small the chance they prodably couldnt suggest the use.

I dunno man. I just know I would use them. Maybe the protein degraded a slight amount. I would GUESS (note the emphasis here) that would be about it.

hope that helps

I had the same issue with Mag-10. As long as they are stored in the environment specified on the back of the bottle, I think your alright! Definetly give Biotest a call and see what they suggest. 800# is on their website.

If you’re worried you could have a quarter or half scoop with some water and if your stomach is completely fine a half hour afterwards you’re probably good to go.