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Expiration Dates on NO Xplode


My friend gave me a tub of NO Xplode to try but I saw the exp date said it expired 2 years ago. Is it still good to use?



It will never explode.


Your friend doesn't like you very much to give you expired product.




Just use it and get swoll. FAST.


I dont know why but....


Best call of 2011 right there.


yea guilty77 that was a pretty good one and i think you mean it wont it expire so answer the question and made me laugh. two thumbs up!!! hahahaa


It should work just as well as it would have before it expired.



You might want to direct this question to the folks over at bb.com as they are much more knowledgeable about such things.


you may have some explosive shits, i took superpump that was expired and it ruined my gut, had to shit twice during that workout.


I have no idea what the hell this is supposed to mean.


it mean thanks for replying this answered my question and gave me a few chuckles


Superpump (aka superdump) will make you shit regardless of whether or not it's expired...NO Xplode has been known to do the same, after you gain a tolerance to 3 scoops a week in. These supps are trash, you're wasting your time with them.


At work (supp. store) saw this, practically fell off my chair laughing. Subtle hate and mockery gets me every time. No joke, 5 minutes later a 130 lber who addressed me as his "bro" walks in and heads right to the NoXplode. As he's paying for it he of course mentions how it's getting him huge and how he can't workout without it. Controlling my laughter during this process was probably the best ab workout I'll get all year.


Thank You! I thought it zinged over everyone's heads -lol