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Expiration Dates and Sterilization

What happens to gear once it passes the date on the bottle? Do the compounds become destablized? What kind of negatives may occur from taking dated gear? I am not a newbie as I have done several cycles in the past. I took a couple years off from lifting and juicing and now I’m back into lifting (I’m nowhere near ready to start a cycle). I do have several vials of test and equipoise left over that I would hate to see go to waste. Also, I read on here a couple years back of a way to sterilize gear, something about putting it in the oven. Can someone please elaborate on that technique for me? Thank you.

To sterilize it you would need to either hit it with a dry heat sterilizer (not your oven) or irradiate it. . .

Expiry dates are just used to indicate when the product will have lost a certan % of it’s efficacy (I think 5%). If it’s past expiry it just won’t be as potent but it will still work, go ahead and use it.


If the bottle or amp was never opened it should be still sterile, as microrganisms can’t just pop up out of nowwhere. And Stu is right on the other point as well. - If the product looks good it probably is.

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Why won’t an oven do? A couple of reasons that I can think of:

  1. I cook in my oven, that means there’s a lot of fat and soot just waiting to drop into anything that I put in there.

  2. I clean my oven with some pretty harsh chemicals, the residue might be harmless to eat but to inject?

  3. The air in my oven moves around including pulling air in from outside the oven (although in small amounts) that air can’t be considered sterile.

  4. A dry heat sterilizer ran me $150 on Ebay and I’ve read studies showing that if your equipment can handle it dry heat is more effective than chemical or steam/pressure (autoclave) sterilization.


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