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Expiration Date

Does creatine and protein powder have an expiration date? I just found some old packs of forgotten protein and creatine, dating about 3-4 years now. The creatine is lumpy, but the protein looks like new. Any problem with using it?

3-4 years is pretty old.

Personnally, I wouldn’t chance it. If you get sick over 30$ of supps, you’ll feel really dumb.

Go for it.

Give us a progress report later.

I’ve had the same batch of creatine for a year now (been taking it on and off, past 6 months consistently); it’s still good. That was the damn best 7 dollars I ever spent on a supp. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use it unless it was all I had and I couldn’t afford to buy more. Like pookie said, you’d feel like an asshole if it made you sick (or shit yourself as bad creatine is known to do).

[quote]RIT Jared wrote:
(or shit yourself as bad creatine is known to do).[/quote]

Uh, you’re saying it is not normal to go stretch a good, thick, long cabel after your first creatine loading? Ok that’s it, the creatine won’t even dissolve in water. Best before Mars 2004. I’m not that poor.

The protein package has been opened and not properly sealed for 2 years, best before august 2003. However looks and smell like freshly opened. I’ll give one for science, and test it for a week.

Thanks for the advices.