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Expiration Date After Preloading Syringes?


I’ve read a couple posts about preloading syringes to get around the mathematics of dosage and amps. I’ve also seen a couple drugs not recommended by preloaded into syringes with rubber stoppers.

To be specific: I’m looking at preloading some syringes with deca. Is there rule of thumb for maximum time before the product should be used or would the original expiration still apply?

(…I’ve also seen a buddy store preloaded pins in the fridge, what the hell?)

Preloaded hCG or HGH must be kept refrigerated or at least on an ice pak.

[quote]Dynamo Hum wrote:
Preloaded hCG or HGH must be kept refrigerated or at least on an ice pak.[/quote]

Sorry for the slight hijack what happens when they reach room temp? Do they break down or something?

I am not sure how quickly it goes bad at room temperature, nor if it just loses potency or if it becomes contaminated. I just know from past usage of both, that refrigeration is a requirement. In the case of hCG only after it is reconstituted. In the case of HGH both before and after.

Do you know how or if that would apply to Deca, specifically?

No, but since Deca is oil based, I would suspect it is like testosterone and can be left for some time in a syringe with no ill effect.

If it’s fine in the vial at room temp it’s fine in a syringe at room temp. What would have changed?