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EXPERTS NEEDED: 16 Week Stasis Taper Cycle


whats up bros need some quick help and read all the stickies too:

Here is the scenario: weeks 1-16, 400mg of test, 400mg of EQ, weeks 1-4 dbol at 25mg, weeks 1-16 600mcg of pegmgf a week (2 Doses), week 17-21 stasis at 100mg of test, weeks 22-27 the taper plus a serm. Would i recover fine and with no libido drop or do i need to extend the stasis period. I will be on adex 0.5mg eod. Thanks brothas!!!


Whats with the MGF on it's own?

It is impossible to predict the recovery of someone else - you should know better than anyone here if you are upto the level of peptides being necessary - even if it is PEG MGF on its own.

I personally would run the cycle shorter, frontloaded, with higher test and higher eq and higher dbol.. and add IGF to the MGF post cycle.



During your stasis, you should be coming off any drugs in your system.

In my experience, i've recovered well with 4 weeks of stasis, but of course, the longer the better.


Is this a planned cycle or are you already at some point in the cycle?

If you haven't crossed the 8 week mark yet, I suggest you split it into two shorter more productive cycles that will be easier to recover from. If you are almost done, then HCG would have been a good option during cycle at 250iu EOD to keep the testes primed for recovery.

Depending on the ester of test you are using, you could wait 2 weeks for it to clear your system before starting stasis as with test e or cyp your blood level will still be far over 100mg for the first 2 weeks after your last injection.


I would run the mgf during the cycle for the synergy


Totally agree with brook. Up the dosages and cut the duraction down drasticaly.


so definitly no to the 16er???


The final decision lies with you. We can only make recommendations based on our research and experience.


If you take the sums:

16x 400mg TE plus taper = 6200mg total
16x 400mg Eq = 5600mg total

You can then take that amount you have (or wanted) and use it in a shorter cycle, using the same amount of gear, with plenty of time to gain in a shorter time will produce the same gains if not more, but it will increase recovery speed.

If you frontload the dosages first, you will attain the peak level from the first day removing the need for massively long cycles with long esters (Boldenone Undeclynate).
This will allow an 8 week cycle to give the gains of a 12+ week cycle BUT with much hiogher dosages! Bonus.. :wink:

So i would do the following:

Wk1-8 TE 700mg/wk (350mg-2x/wk, pin 900mg first day for peak levels immediately)

Wk1-8 Eq 600mg/wk (300mg-2x/wk, pin 1000mg first day to frontload)

Wk1-3 Dbol 30mg/day (under 30mg/day is considered a low dose by myself)

Wk10-14 Tamox or Clomid -

I have done a very similar cycle, and it is a decent gainer - i prefer deca for size, but it is a good cycle.



AWESOME!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!! I WILL DO THAT BUT I WANT TO TAPER so how would i do that for a short cycle


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