Experts In Here

Need a little help! Preferable opinions with a little substance.
Back ground first reason for advice second.

I am 33 currently around 6’4 200lb 10-11%bf (calipers) I am doing mainly functional or powerlift type movements plus Chins and dips. I used to lift a lot heavier and be a lot bigger 250lb 13%bf 375lb bench 410lbsquat 550deadlift, I did aprox 8 cycles between the age of 19-25. Then stopped all that and discovered life outside the gym. I have been riding national level moto cross for a tuning firm the last 5 years. Just retired from that too (bit on the tall side for that anyway). I want to progress on my lifting and general physical comp and health. Not looking to repeat my lifts from before or becoming huge just fit and healthy. The reason for this post is the following: I have bursitis in my shoulder due to one of my many crashes Had it for 2years). Done a lot of PT which didn’t help much. I take two servings of Lee Labradas joint formula and 10g pharmaceutical epa/dha. Eat clean and good and take a good selections of antioxidants etc. I have four routes available to me.

1/ Surgery

2/continue like this but will not be able to increase loads in my lifts and it will still be painful

3/ Cortisone injections (F**cking hate that shit as it wrecks my system) + The last specialist advised against it due to the effect is have on tendons.

4/ I thought perhaps/maybe/hopefully a well thought out cycle with some joint friendly components e.g. deca/prim/anavar/test could help. Perhaps getting my strenght up through training could help alleviating the joint and help healing.

Thing is I dont want to do the whole steroid thing again (no real need) so if you guys think this couldnt get sorted permanently through 1 or 2 cycles this route is not going to work for me.

I thank you for reading this and hope to get some response. As you might have guessed my recommendations have been to do the surgery and I am trying to see if there is another way.

Take care

Sorry, not an expert, but I thought I’d comment on your EPA/DHA supplementing… 10mg is really low. In fact, in one of my fish oil capsules, I get 300 mg of these two substances.

They’re starting to be able to do amazing things with surgeries these days. Will you be able to get a minimally invasive surgery, or would you have to get a shoulder replacement?

Sorry buddy That was supposed to read 10Grams!! Yes they are getting better even then I was told that I would be in for a 6months recovery time. Also from reading about other peoples experiences, surgery is not a certain solution.
No it is not a shoulder replacement but the recomendation was to place some stiches to make some of the scar tissues heal as they are causing inflamation.
My idea with the roids is that perhaps if I chose an anti inflamatory cycle it would give the joint rest while adding some strenght to the area and hopefully that would get alleviate the problem even after the treatment. Thanks for your thoughts

well, you could utitlize nandralone and HGH in a cycle (as well as other AAS), which should make the pain subside…however, i couldn’t tell you to what degree, or how long…

two years without any improvements tells me that you must have a lot of scar tissue in there. AAS will not heal it- it may mask the pain a bit by giving a little extra lubrication, but your best option to reclaim with the best potential for a cure or close to it is probably surgery.

I recomend you get a consult to a some orthopedic surgeons who specializes in shouders and get some opinions. Do this before you make any other decisions.

Thanks guys I apreciate your time. To be honest unless there had been enthusiasm for aas as a long term solution I would go the surgery route. Take care