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Experts, Books, and Programs for Older Lifters?

In your opinion who is the best expert and what is the best book for older lifters. I am talking 50 years and older.

I have Andy Bakers and Jonathan Sullivans Barbell Prescription and like it, but are there others out there who have first hand knowledge on strength training and have written good books and developed programs for older people who want to get stronger.

Great question.
I like Brooks Kubik. He has a variety of books. I like his concepts of training. I’m not a huge fan of his specific workouts.
I like Jim Wendler 531 basic training programs. His specific workouts are , in my opinion more geared towards beginners and younger lifters. His basic plan of a main lift, a supplemental lift and assistance work has been good to me. I like his % of a training max for picking weights. Manipulating the TM gives lots of options,and with some experience is very doable.
In my experience balancing volume,intensity and recovery is the challenge for the 50+ experienced lifter.
In my opinion.

  1. Do exercises you like in a balanced program.
  2. Big barbell lifts for strength. Lower to mid reps, (3-5)for a challenging top set. Don’t waste your energy on high rep warm up sets.
  3. Supplemental exercise that build the big lifts for moderate reps 8-12 with multiple sets. Nothing too heavy, but should feel like work.
  4. Accessory exercises that are fun and add a little “ pump” for higher reps 10-25.
  5. Keep a good pace, and do some cardio. Don’t be fat and lazy.
  6. Make sure you take enough time between sessions, for recovery. Split body parts or exercises depending on how you set up your training ( chest day v. BP day way of thinking) helps with recovery and how hard you can push your main exercises.
  7. As example. For DL , I would work up to a top set of 3-5 ( I like singles in the DL) then good morning or SLDL for 3-5x8-10. Rows for 5x10. Some core and push ups and done.
    That’s a brief synopsis of what I’ve learned from the above authors. I started back in the 1970s and Bill Starr was the guru. The strongest shall survive.
    I’d read those 3 . Starr, Kubik, Wendler. Then make your own plan.


I may give them a look.

Dan John is good, one of his books “Intervention” seems like what you’re after.

I guess there are DVDs of him presenting the material in the book, if you like that stuff. Also some ewe tube clips.