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Expert Opinions on Minimal Test/Tren



Wk 1-10: 300mg Test enan/wk
Wk 1-8: 400mg Tren enan/wk
Wk 2-5: 50mg dianabol ED

(Assume AI usage and proper PCT)

I've found a bunch of contradicting views on a cycle setup like this. Some folks say minimal test is just fine while others say that it should ALWAYS be run in a higher dose than tren.

Obviously, the purpose of running low test would be to keep the bloating as low as possible (especially if we're dancing with Diana :slight_smile: ) while making quality lean gains. Since I trust this board more than any other on the net, it would be great if you guys could chime in with experiences/knowledge.

Would running testosterone at this dose be enough to keep the tren nastys away? (namely libido loss)

Or is it always advisable to run test higher than tren?

Thanks fellas!


NO, lower T is fine, anything from 100mg/wk really (with any other AAS actually).


Since you want to keep bloating at a minimum, why are you using 50mg of Dbol per day? If you are going to do that, might as well drop the dbol, and use 700mg of test with AI. IMO 20-30mg of dbol is enough for your stack.


Thanks for clearing that up Brook. Greatly appreciated.

You figure 50mg/day of dbol would make somebody balloon up worse than a 700mg/wk dose of test? Even given stringent AI use? Hm, this is surprising. As for the dose... 100 caps of 25mg dbol has been bestowed upon me :slight_smile:


It doesn't really matter what someone else thinks WRT to how YOU bloat using two different drugs. Have you ever used 700mg T? Have you ever used 50mg dbol? Which one bloats you more?

I know that I bloat more on 700mg of T than I do on 30mg of dbol, but I couldn't tell you what effect 50mg dbol would have because I've never gone that high. Yes I used an AI in both cases. By bloating I am talking about how much water I carry around my neck/jaw line. My bodyfat has never been low enough for sub cutaneous water to be the deciding factor in how 'ripped' I look.

If you have the experience then go by what you know. If you don't, then treat this cycle as such so you know for the future how your body reacts.


Great advice, thanks Bonez.

My first go around with dbol was a pretty standard 500mg test/wk, 30mg dbol/day (first 4 weeks). I was (embarrassingly) uninformed about AI use at the time and didn't use one, so due to all that excess estrogen I looked like a fucking pig :smiley: Luckily enough, no gyno.

My next go around (whether I use a setup like this or not) will be more of a benchmark for bloat since I'll be using liquid letro throughout the entirety of the cycle.