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Expert Advice Appreciated!

Hey there all. I’m 19 years old, play soccer and am looking for the ideal weights programme to enhance both my game and physique. After a lot of reading and reviewing i’m ready to get my body where i want and need it in order to excel as an athlete and raise esteem. I go to the gym 3 times a week (mon, weds, fri) and country run/sprints on sundays. I know rock hard abs and a defined muscular chest isn’t overly neccessary as a soccer player but its purely something i’d like to achieve. In the picture, ignore where it says on the chest label ‘most notbaly…’. I eat well and have recently started taking maximuscle promax to go along with my gym programme. I’m an ambitious, determined guy so fire away experts! Really appreciate any feedback from you guys who know best.

Man I hope you got your flame suit on! All I have to say is man you are not eating enough. Do not worry about small issues when you have more serious issues…you’re tiny.

If you had any idea how much you just asked. Step #1, you need to stop viewing your physique as chest and abs and start viewing it as a system of many muscle groups all of which must be worked for progress in any of them to be optimal or even healthy.

First, put this on.

OK, now eat a lot of good food and lift heavy weight.

Read this:


pick a program, learn and live the 7 basic rules, and work hard.

One of the strength trainers on here, Eric Cressey, has used the expression “trying to ride two horses with one ass.” It means having two conflicting goals. You my friend are riding all of Santa’s reindeer on one ass. Which goal is most important to you? Follow that goal and the rest are going to have to be secondary.

And if the desire to get more mass is the goal you want the most, post a back picture so we can see how much work you’re going to need.

Thanks for replies guys. I know i’m tiny but i’m not looking to become a freakazoid muscular machine. I play soccer at a high level and believe it or not this size is the average for a soccer player my age. Its just that i’m moving to the states from the UK next year to play and from what i learned from my stay there in the summer, its more about athleticism than how talented you are.

I’m just looking to gain that extra strength to be able to cope with shoulder to shoulder play etc…And with the strength i hope to see size gain. The later being purely a vanity thing of course. Believe it or not but i eat about 6 times a day, not including promax!