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Experimenting with T Boosters at Age 19?

I’ve been strength training on and off for for a couple of years, but recently I’ve got serious about it, and have sorted out my diet (about 3,000 calories a day) and been doing a 3x per week mostly barbell (and all compound) program based on Starting Strength. I’m 5’10", weigh 75kg at about 10-12% body fat and can deadlift 150kg - not amazing, but not bad for a former skinny bastard. In terms of supplements, I just do the standard post-workout protein/creatine shake and a daily multivitamin.

I’ve been investigating testosterone boosters lately (and the consensus seems to recommend Activate Xtreme), and I’d like to try them, but people overwhelmingly recommend against them for someone my age with normal testosterone (which guessing by my voice, hair, sex drive and aggression, I have). I have a few queries about the usual arguments people make though:

  1. They are expensive - I’ve got a decent budget for this, and it’s worth paying £30 for a month’s worth to see if it makes a difference.

  2. At 19 I’m already producing a lot of testosterone - yes, but surely the more the better?

  3. Side effects like anger and oily skin - worth it for muscles, strength and horniness.

Any thoughts on this?

best thing to do is have your testosterone checked before you start wasting your money on T boosters. if your bloodwork shows youre low, then start using them. and its ALWAYS more effective and cheaper to buy individual ingredients and combine them to make your own T booster.

try zinc and magnesium first.